@BCC Terms and Conditions

1. Quotations are only valid for 10 days from date of quotation.
2. If a quote is accepted, it needs to be confirmed in writing.
3. No work will commence, including artwork, prior to receipt of 70% deposit. NB: Full balance to be paid prior to collection/installation of vehicles or materials/goods. All material supplied and/or installed as per signed quotation remain the property of At BCC Design CC until paid for in full. No vehicles, materials/goods will be released until job has been paid in full. NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE MADE.
4. At BCC Design CC reserves the right to remove all items such as signs, etc. which have not been paid for in full and the customer will be responsible for the cost of the re-installation/delivery.
5. The customer agrees that photos of the completed jobs can be used by At BCC Design CC on Social Media as well as the At BCC Design CC website for advertising purposes.
6. The customer hereby acknowledges that he/she has read and understands all Terms and Conditions and accepts them as binding.

a. All artwork that is supplied to At BCC Design CC must be supplied to size as a PDF, vector or in Corel Draw format.
b. All Fonts must be converted to Curves (or fonts supplied). At BCC Design CC will not be held responsible for images, fonts, etc. missing due to the above not been done. All colours MUST be in CMYK.
c. At BCC Design CC can not and will not be held responsible for any artwork supplied by others.
d. At BCC Design CC will charge for artwork designed by our graphic designer depending on the project requirements.
e. All artwork will remain the intellectual property of At BCC Design CC, according to The Copyright Act No. 98 of 1978 until paid in full.
f. The artwork price above includes 2 layout revisions, max of 2 logo redraws and 2 image cropping – Image searching limited to 3 searches only. Any further layout revisions required will be charged accordingly at R250.00+vat per revision unless otherwise stipulated.
g. Client is required to supply by email to our Graphic Designer, a design brief prior to the commencement of any designing. This “brief” will be a detailed description of how the design should look. Example: Colours required, wording, logos to be used, and whether the design is to be kept corporate or “funky”, lastly any other information we need to know to get your design looking the way you want it, eliminating time wastage.
h. Quoted amounts do NOT include the purchase of any high resolution images if and when required.

a. At BCC Design CC, its members, directors or employees accept NO responsibility due to theft, fire, loss or ANY damage to goods OR the vehicle itself, whatsoever, while the vehicle/s are within our care or at our premises.
b. Should you request the removal of any decals, we do not accept responsibility for any damage to paint work that might occur.
c. If a vehicle has been resprayed, we do not accept responsibility if; lifting or failing of the material occurs during or after the material has been installed, unsatisfactory finish to the applied material.
d. Customers leave their vehicles @BCC’s premises at their own risk.
e. At BCC Design CC, its members, directors or employees will not be held responsible should anything occur to the vehicle whether parked on our premises during the day or overnight.
f. The customer takes full responsibility for any discrepancies whatsoever in any capacity on the vehicle once the vehicle has been handed over on completion of vehicle branding and the vehicle has left the premises.
g. If client insists on @BCC Design CC branding their vehicles at another premises or in trucking yards, be aware that conditions are not favourable and dust can be trapped under the vinyl if there is wind. The vehicles must also be clean.
h. If vinyl is applied onto trucks, tankers etc. that is carrying or transporting chemicals, we cannot be held liable for any peeling or failings as chemicals can cause the vinyl to lift or discolour.
i. We do not give a guarantee for any vinyl, this guarantee is covered by the vinyl manufacturer. The grades of vinyl is discussed with the client when quote is given and if the client should choose the cheapest vinyl that is not suitable or been advised by @ BCC Design CC, we are not held responsible for any fading or lifting.
j. Aftercare of the vehicles once branded is very important. It must be washed by hand and soft sponge. If high pressure hoses are be used @BCC Design CC can not be held responsible for the changing of colour or lifting of the vinyl.

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